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WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Training
WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Training
WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Training
Item#: wi20se
Regular price: $18.99
Sale price: $4.99

Product Description

Quick Training Software
Order it... Download it... Start to learn it!

Step-By-Step WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Training Software with 3D Talking Instructor!

Whether you're new to using the WINDOWS 2000 SERVER software application or your current skills need a little polishing, this Step-By-Step WINDOWS 2000 SERVER easy Talking & Training software is for you.

This WINDOWS 2000 SERVER training program provides you with useful knowledge you need to excel.The built-in 3D Talking Agent will teach you how to utilize the increased flexibility of software application. You've never had a more productive way to learn your favorite WINDOWS 2000 SERVER software application by easily utilizing the powerful training topic Search Engine, Self-Paced training guide, A-Z Index Engine, branch-able table of instruction contents inside the training software.

No Messy Setup! Learn & Master WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Instantly!

No Other Software required, No Internet connection needed!

Learn Everything Right At Your Computer!


The solution-based WINDOWS 2000 SERVER training program will guide you
step-by-step to assure your understanding on specific WINDOWS 2000 SERVER
techniques and skills relating to the usage of the

So Many Software Training Tools Inside this program:

Fast Search Engine, A-Z Index Engine,
Branch-able Table of Contents By Topics,
3D Lively Talking Agent, Self-Paced Guides,
Customisable E-Book (Make Your Own E-Book)!

What You Will Get In This WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Learning Software Package?

- Step-By-Step WINDOWS 2000 SERVER training program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

- 3D Talking instructor programs for this training software with Digital Voice and 3D real-time animation

- E-Book Program with Program Codes
for Web Browser (MAKE YOUR OWN E-BOOK!)

- Registerable License Key for Complete WINDOWS 2000 SERVER Learning Program

You can learn the following WINDOWS 2000 SERVER learning topics:

  • How to set up DSN for Database Access
  • How to make Windows 2000 function as a router
  • How to set up printer in Windows 2000
  • How to set up print services on Windows 2000
  • How to remove application from your computers
  • How to set up Print Queue
  • How to share files over a network
  • How to create Dial Up Connection
  • How to add Modem in Windows 2000
  • How to enable file auditing
  • How to change the file auditing
  • How to start and stop services
  • How to add users to your server
  • How to make a shared file available to users during offline
  • How to perform a faster search with Windows 2000
  • How to install the IIS component
  • How to set the performance counter
  • How to share internet connection
  • How to make a connection
  • How to set up network (Static)
  • How to change Domain
  • How to determine processes that is listening on certain ports
  • What is the performance difference in Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional
  • How to configure Distributed File System
  • How to clear registry entry in your Distributed File system that would prevent you from adding DFS functionality into your system
  • How to add DFS link
  • What is Dynamic and Static volume
  • How to back up Files in Windows 2000
  • How to restore from Backup
  • How to create Emergency Disk
  • What is intelliMirror
  • What is Qouta Management
  • How to set quota management to certain individual
  • What is the difference between Domain and Workgroup
  • What is NLB
  • How to configure Certificates
  • How to implement certificate in IIS
  • How to install client certificate
  • How do you monitor unauthorized access
  • What is the recommended link to establish in DFS
  • What is the effect of naming server on Dfs
  • What are the main tools that can be used to administer Dfs
  • What are the boot mode available in Windows 2000
  • How do you clean up your disk
  • How to determine whether your DNS is working properly
  • How to maximize network throughput
  • How do you monitor user accessing your resources
  • How to add users when active Directory is installed
  • How to install DHCP services to Windows 2000 server
  • How to configure Remote Access
  • How to enable user to dial in
  • How to remove Routing and Remote Access services
  • How to manage your services components in Windows 2000
  • How do I change NT Active Directory to Native Mode
  • What is the location of Active Directory
  • How to prevent files from moving to Recycle Bin
  • How to add user using command prompt
  • How to remove confirmation dialog when emptying files in the recycle bin

    System Requirements:
    Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    3MB+ space in hard disk
    NO internet connection
    NO actual software application required


    Download the complete WINDOWS 2000 SERVER training software directly on your computer! (less than 15 minutes to download it.)

    Learn and master WINDOWS 2000 SERVER skills immediately after sending your payment.

    No shipping and handling fees. No waiting for snail mail. You will receive a download link and license key for this program after ordered.

    Download and use the program right away! Order it today.