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HDFVD 1920x1080HDFVD 1920x1080HDFVD 1920x1080
FVD (Forward Versatile Disc) can be acclaimed as advanced multimedia (multi-functional) disc or red laser high definition audio & video disc. It regenerates high definition video streams to fulfill all the requirements of HD-TV and high definition digital movies . Thus FVD upgrades DVD to a new A/V frontier by achieving an outstanding performance. FVD is differences from DVD in physical and logical formats as shown in the comparison table. Although both of them are using the same Red laser (650nm£©in Pick Up Head , the physical capacity has been expanded from DVD¡¯s 4.7GB to FVD¡¯s 5.4GB(1 layer) and 15GB(3 layers). Single layer FVD (5.4 GB) can provide 135min high definition program of 1280x720x30p. For three layers FVD, it can even provide 1920x1080x60i program up to three hours. Furthermore, new technologies, such as 8/15 the modulation code, new ECC, AES copy protection and WMV-9 data compression method are also adopted.

FVD New Standard for High-Definition Video Content with Red Laser 1. All the key technologies of the disc and the player have been developed in Taiwan. 2. The FVD standard obtains larger storage capacity than DVD by using 650nm red lasers with NA 0.6~0.65 and the track pitch of 0.64¦Ìm. 3. The capacity of a single-side single-layer FVD disc is around 5.4~6 GB. The coding format of the first-generation of FVD adopts 8/16 modulation codes. The second-generation will use the more efficient 8/15 coding and ECC capability. 4. High Definition image of 1920¡Á1080¡Á60I is presented on the display. By applying Microsoft¡¯s WMV-9 (Window Media Video-9) compression technology, 135 minutes high definition content can be stored on a single layer of FVD disc. 5. New audio and video technologies developed includes©U ¡ñMovie Menu / Still Picture Menu ¡ñMulti-Layer / Multi Sequence ¡ñSub-picture Object playback ¡ñPhoto Album Playback 6. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Content Protection system for Protection of Intellectual Property right is developed.

FVD¡¯s (Forward Versatile Disc)high definition quality will stimulate your visual sensuality and rejuvenate your splendid life. FVD, by applying the well-developed reliable red laser technology and the latest compression technology, is the latest advanced specification for high definition video & audio entertainment systems. All the key technologies, the components of the disc and the player have been developed and integrated in Taiwan. The Pick-up head for FVD player (red laser, 650nm) is used for signal re-generation. High definition image of 1280x720x30p, is presented on the display. Physical storage capacity reaches 5.4~6 GB (Compare to 4.7 GB in DVD) on a single layer FVD disc. By applying Microsoft¡¯s WMV-9 (Window Media Video-9) compression technology, a 135 minutes high definition content can be stored on a single layer of FVD disc. Multiple programs can be played simultaneously. For the protection of Intellectual Property Right, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) content Protection system for Protection of Intellectual Property right is adopted. In short, FVD far exceeds DVD in functions and image quality. FVD player, besides FVD-Video, is compatible with WMV, WMA-CD/DVD and various A/V discs. Resolution reaches to 1920x1080x60i or 1280x720x30p which is equivalent to a 70mm movie film¡¯s resolution or 5 times of DVD¡¯s resolution. FVD can be connected to a HD-TV through a Y/Pb/Pr adapter for generating high definition, sharp, brilliant and colorgenic images. FVD can also play traditional programs to 720x480x60i or 720x575x50i resolutions. For single side layer disc, it can store up to 5 hours traditional programs of ordinary resolution pictures.

Upscale to high definition images: FVD can transform from standard DVD signals to High Definition signals by a special interpolating process. Select images for desired backgrounds: FVD provides memory space for storing ¦Ìp to 256 images (Max.). Backgrounds are selectable and insertable for every picture as one wishs to enrich them. Browse video content for program selection: FVD provides sub-windows of 320 x 240 resolutions, further enhanced the convenience of selecting the programs. Enjoy High Definition Photos in Digital Albums & catch all your Exciting Moments on the Discs View every photo (max. 256 frames) frame by frame with stored music in various formats ( WMA, LPCM, ITRI-Audio). Enjoy the memories of your splendid life; record them in high definition format. if you have any question please call 1-510 918 0008 or email to