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FreeHand 9.0 Training
FreeHand 9.0 Training
Item#: freehand90
Regular price: $18.99
Sale price: $4.99

Product Description

FreeHand 9.0
Quick Training Software
Order it... Download it... Start to learn it!

Step-By-Step FreeHand 9.0 Training Software with 3D Talking Instructor!

Whether you're new to using the FreeHand 9.0 software application or your current skills need a little polishing, this Step-By-Step FreeHand 9.0 easy Talking & Training software is for you.

This FreeHand 9.0 training program provides you with useful knowledge you need to excel.The built-in 3D Talking Agent will teach you how to utilize the increased flexibility of software application. You've never had a more productive way to learn your favorite FreeHand 9.0 software application by easily utilizing the powerful training topic Search Engine, Self-Paced training guide, A-Z Index Engine, branch-able table of instruction contents inside the training software.

No Messy Setup! Learn & Master FreeHand 9.0 Instantly!

No Other Software required, No Internet connection needed!

Learn Everything Right At Your Computer!


The solution-based FreeHand 9.0 training program will guide you
step-by-step to assure your understanding on specific FreeHand 9.0
techniques and skills relating to the usage of the

So Many Software Training Tools Inside this program:

Fast Search Engine, A-Z Index Engine,
Branch-able Table of Contents By Topics,
3D Lively Talking Agent, Self-Paced Guides,
Customisable E-Book (Make Your Own E-Book)!

What You Will Get In This FreeHand 9.0 Learning Software Package?

- Step-By-Step FreeHand 9.0 training program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

- 3D Talking instructor programs for this training software with Digital Voice and 3D real-time animation

- E-Book Program with Program Codes
for Web Browser (MAKE YOUR OWN E-BOOK!)

- Registerable License Key for Complete FreeHand 9.0 Learning Program

You can learn the following FreeHand 9.0 learning topics:

  • study to create New Document in the Freehand 9.0
  • study to Save As the Document File
  • study to Close the Document
  • study to Open the Document
  • study to work with Import
  • study to save Changes made to a Document
  • study to work with Export
  • study to work with Undo
  • study to work with Redo
  • study to work with Cut
  • study to work with Copy
  • study to work with Paste
  • study to Clear the Object
  • study to work with Duplicate
  • study to work with Clone
  • study to work with Select All
  • study to work with Select All in Document
  • study to work with None
  • study to work with Invert Selection
  • study to work with Fit Selection
  • study to work with Fit to Page
  • study to work with Fit All
  • study to work with Magnification
  • study to work with Hide Selection
  • study to view the Toolbar
  • study to work with Show All
  • study to show Page Ruler
  • study to edit Page Ruler
  • study to show Text Rulers
  • study to show the Grid
  • study to edit Grid
  • study to show Perspectives Grid
  • study to view Modify Object Panel
  • study to view Transform Panel
  • study to work with Bring to Front
  • study to work with Bring To Back
  • study to work with Move Backward
  • study to work with Sent To Back
  • study to Lock the object
  • study to Unlock the object
  • study to Group the object
  • study to Ungroup the object
  • study to change the Font
  • study to change the Font Size
  • study to make the Text bold
  • study to make the text Italic
  • study to make text BoldItalic
  • study to Highlight the text
  • study to add Shadow to Text
  • study to Strikethrough the text
  • study to Underline text
  • study to Zoom the text
  • study to Align the Text to left
  • study to check Spelling
  • study to work with Special Character
  • study to draw Rectangle
  • study to insert Text into Rectangle
  • study to work with Text Editor
  • study to draw the Polygon
  • study to draw Circle
  • study to draw Spiral
  • study to draw Line
  • study to work with Freehand Tool
  • study to work with Rotate
  • study to work with Freeform
  • study to work with Skew
  • study to work with Scale
  • study to work with Reflect
  • study to work with Trace
  • study to draw Triangle
  • study to work with the Custom Fill
  • study to work with Gradient Fill
  • study to work with Textured Fill
  • study to add and store Colors
  • study to add color in Color List
  • study to work with Color Mixer to create New Color
  • study to apply the Color in the Path
  • study to change Publisher to HTML
  • study to view Xtra Operations
  • study to view Xtra Tools
  • study to work with Xtra Operation by Fractalize Tool
  • study to work with Xtra Operation by Inset Path Tool
  • study to work with Xtra Operations by Simplify Tool
  • study to work with Xtra tools by Smudge Tool
  • study to work with Xtra tools by Shadow Tool
  • study to work with Xtra tool by Roughen Tool
  • study to work with Xtra tool by Bend Tool
  • study to work with Xtra tool by 3D Rotation Tool
  • study to work Xtra tool by Arc Tool
  • study to work with Xtra Tool by Graphic Hose

    System Requirements:
    Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    3MB+ space in hard disk
    NO internet connection
    NO actual software application required


    Download the complete FreeHand 9.0 training software directly on your computer! (less than 15 minutes to download it.)

    Learn and master FreeHand 9.0 skills immediately after sending your payment.

    No shipping and handling fees. No waiting for snail mail. You will receive a download link and license key for this program after ordered.

    Download and use the program right away! Order it today.