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Cupronickel C, Piccolo FiFe (Use 4 whistle band war)
Cupronickel C, Piccolo FiFe (Use 4 whistle band war)
Cupronickel C, Piccolo FiFe (Use 4 whistle band war)
Item#: cupronickel-c-piccolo-special-use-4-whistle-band-wa
Regular price: $45.95
Sale price: $12.95

Product Description

This Cupronickel Piccolo C key is just like my $200 Silver Plated Piccolo.
When I first saw this Steel stick I thought that it was just a toy for kids. I tryed to play using the flute fingering and its doesn't work and it sounds like an out of tune flute, but one day my friend who is a professional piccolo player (you can see him play in the video below) he came and tryed it with the proper Piccolo fingering and he found out its same as my $200 dollar silver piccolo and sounds more rich and all the keys are accurate and easy to play. So I believe this is a perfect instrument for you or your kids when you play flute for a while and try to learn piccolo but dont like to pay $200 dollars. Now you can buy this in better price to first see if you would like to keep learning piccolo or not, Cupronickel body, so try it. You will love to take it with you and play it anytime you like

Special use for Whistle Band

Berkeley Instrument's
Cupronickel Piccolo

100 year warranty.Because never broken! (but not if it is used as a weapon:)

Save more on this special bargain price. Perfect for boys and girls scouts!

Best for Adult, Child, Professional Player or Student!( Etinger AUSTRIA)

Berkeley Instrument
Cupronickel body


Measurement: 45 cm x 29 cm x 14 cm

Click here to watch and hear
music played with the same piccolo...

Performed by Matt Eakle of David Grisman Quintet.
(Video clip will playback in Windows Media Player)

Click here to watch and hear
another music played with the same piccolo...

Performed by Matt Eakle of David Grisman Quintet.
(Video clip will playback in Windows Media Player)

This is a recognized high quality product:

You can compare prices, you can even find many musical instruments on Internet at 50% less than this eBay price, but don't overlook the quality of the product. During the noisy price wars, many products were found to be of inferior quality.

For us, we compete on Quality instead of Price.

For this instrument, it has been certified by ISO (International Standard Organization 9002) for meeting high quality standard. It was produced by maker with decades of manufacturing experiences. Moreover, we set our goal to reach highest customer satisfaction by providing superior customer service.

Buy with confidence from us, and hope you continue to enjoy doing business with us.

For more information about this instrument, please call our music expert at:

Tel: (510)918-0008


International Recognized Standard
This musical instrument is ISO 9002 certified product.

ISO 9002 is an international quality assurance model made up of quality system requirements.
This model applies to organizations that produce, install, and service products.

Specially Designed by Music Experts
This musical instrument is specially designed by experienced music experts to meet your specific music needs, such as playing in church or band.

It is hard to find in the market, and this good quality product is only available from us.

It is Hand Crafted
When you buy musical instrument, remember to ask if it was made with hand or 100% machine made.

This musical instrument was hand crafted by experienced music experts whose skills met international quality standard.

In according to the maker, they can only produce less than 20 musical instruments like this in a month.

World Class Reputation
This musical instrument was produced by the same maker who also produces world class musical instruments (such as grand piano, upright piano, brass instruments) for many well known big brands in the world.

50-Year Experiences
The musical instrument was produced by the maker based on their over 50-year experiences.

They also develop and implement quality system procedures that are consistent with quality policy to make this musical instrument.

Call our music expert at 1(510)918-0008 to find more product information.

As seen in NAMM Show 2006 in Anaheim, California...




Brand new musical instrument with carry case in excellent condition.


Winner can pay by Check, Money Order, Cashier Check, Paypal, or all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER). I will send you the payment instructions after the auction closed. When you send your payment, please indicate in payment the item number, item name, and also include your Phone Number.

Shipping and Handling:

Winner pays shipping, handling fees: $7.99 (Continental US).
Canada shipping and handling fees will be $9.99. Hawaii, Alaska, PR, APO, Guam address please add priority S&H fees $9.99. No pickup. No international order (other than Canada). Will ship via UPS or USPS.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

I hope you will like my product and continue to do business with me in the future. Therefore, I provide 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the instrument. I am available to answer your questions. Please ask me the question in this auction page or send email to me. I look forward to serving you.

Or CALL 510-9180008 now.

By Placing Your Auction Bid You Agree:

To all the terms stated in this auction.

To the auction's bidding/buying terms and you understand that your bid is a binding contract between you (the bidder/buyer) and the seller.

We provide satisfaction guarantee. The return must be made within 30 days after the date you receive the product. You must return the product to us undamaged in perfect condition with all enclosures shipped with the product. You must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before returning any order. Refund (less shipping and handling fees & 15% restocking fee) will be issued after returned item is processed.

To make payment no later than 5 days after the auction closed.

Cannot combine shipment with other auction(s).

Do not bid on this auction if you don't agree with the terms as described in this auction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Bid With Confidence!

Payment and Shipping
Winner can pay by Check, Money Order, Cashier Check, Paypal, or all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER). Will ship via UPS or USPS. 30-Day satisfaction guaranteed.

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