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C Trumpet (One piece Bell )w/Db Tuning Slide Set Engrave Silver Gold
C Trumpet (One piece Bell )w/Db Tuning Slide Set Engrave Silver Gold
C Trumpet (One piece Bell )w/Db Tuning Slide Set Engrave Silver Gold
Item#: crazy-trumpet
Regular price: $499.00
Sale price: $385.00

Product Description

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Crazy Db& C Trumpet hand-hammer Engrave Silver Gold

I have played trumpet in church since I was 14 years old. I can play in any key people are singing but these three keys have never been easy for me: Db, F# and B. If you’re a trumpet player, you know what I’m talking about.

Today there is only one trumpet in the world that is perfect for playing in these three keys, the Berkeley Wind C&DB Trumpet; if you have it you can play in all keys much more easily. (Julius, do you want to say “in all keys” or “in all these [Db, F# and B] keys more easily”?)

“We at Berkeley Wind would like all kids to play music and one excellent way to do this is, if you are religious, to visit your House of Worship as my father did with me. That’s where I learned to play the trumpet. It’s also a wonderful place to meet friends, learn music and also receive spiritual enlightenment. If you don’t know where your local House of Worship is, you can find it on Google.”

The smooth Berkely Wind C & Db trumpet is the apex of trumpet making. Look at the Silver and Gold beautifully engraved heavyweight .459” bore, the 4-7/8” hand-hammered one-piece yellow brass bell, the one-piece drawn mouthpipe (leadpipe?), the perfect pistons, the 2-piece valve casings. It also comes with a 1st valve slide thumb hook, double main tuning slide braces, clear epoxy lacquered finish and trumpet case. This trumpet has won a place in the world’s most prestigious symphonies and among top-level concert bands and jazz musicians. Our flagship trumpets are heavyweight instruments, made with a metal that has been specially treated to deliver more power, better control and a richer sound. All feature hand-lapped steel pistons and slides, 2-piece valve casings and an improved mouthpiece receiver length for better response as well as pressure-formed tubing that is perfectly round for a smoother air flow, metal valve guides, a gold brass mouthpipe (I guess that’s what it’s called; I don’t make trumpets, Julius J) and hand-hammered, one-piece, annealed (annealed? You’ll have to tell me what that means, lol.) 4-7/8" bell. The combined result of these features is a highly responsive instrument with a dark tone that does not break up (spread?) with volume. All Berkeley Wind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty and when 5 years later you can resell this old horn for more than you paid for it today, you’ll realize what a great deal you made.Hi- I'd like to pass along some information about valves.

This horn has Berliner Pistons. The way you identify Berliner Pistons is that the tubing goes through the middle of the valves in a straight line.

Berliner Pistons are often mistaken for Perinet Valves. The difference is that the tubing between Perinet Valves jogs around instead of going in a straight line.

This is an important selling point. Berliner Pistons are rare these days, and are more direct (freer blowing) than Perinet Valves, because when their are no valves depressed, or ALL valves are depressed, either way the air is still going straight through the horn, with no deflections.

MOST flugelhorns these days come with Perinet Valves. That this horn comes with the better, Berliner Pistons, is something you should point out.

The very first flugelhorns of this type ever made, by Adolph Sax in the 1840's, had Berliner Pistons.

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