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Berkeley NEW Bb & C Trumpet (Silver &Gold )
Berkeley NEW Bb & C Trumpet (Silver &Gold )
Berkeley NEW Bb & C Trumpet (Silver &Gold )
Item#: berkeley-new-bb-and-c-trumpet
Regular price: $599.00
Sale price: $485.00

Product Description

First 1 in the World Berkeley NEW Bb and C Trumpet Silver and Gold hand engrave

look this total 2 set of tuning slide,but the C tuning slide plus extra slide. became Bb tuning slide.
we been check around the world. so far nobody make this perfect Bb and C trumpet yet.

The Berkeley Company is proud to offer this combination Bb/C trumpet for sale. Berkeley is an innovative company devoted to providing quality products at affordable prices. Our Bb/C trumpet is no exception. The horn is gorgeous. It is silver plated with gold accents, and we didn’t stop there. Each one of our horns is engraved. Try finding that kind of beauty and quality from another manufacturer. We have provided several high resolution photographs so that you can see the quality and beauty of the finish and workmanship. Our horn is also extremely practical. Just put in the C tuning slide and you are ready for orchestra performance or church work. Change the tuning slide again and the horn becomes a standard Bb trumpet and you’re ready for concert band, marching band and jazz band. You get two horns in one without having to buy two trumpets and without having the learn the feel of two different trumpets. Trumpet comes with case. No one else brings you this convenience and quality in one instrument. Our trumpet is manufactured to exacting specifications and measures up to any pro model horn and comes backed by our guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will buy it back from you within two weeks of your receipt so long as the horn is in like new condition. No questions asked. Just contact us first for return authorization. It’s that easy. We want you to be happy. Enjoy our products and tell a friend where to find us! I have played the horn for a few days now and find that it is exactly what I'm looking for. The tone is Wonderful and powerful, certainly highly desirable for use in an orchestra. Yet, the sound is sweet and the response is very nice--good for solo work. Several friends have tried it and also admire the great tone. It appears to be an extra large bore design: I don't have suitable calipers, but comparison of 2nd slide crooks with my Large-bore Stomvi C trumpet suggests that this trumpet is more than 0.464. Can this be true? Either way, it plays great and is nicely in tune through all registers. Naturally, mouthpiece selection is important, and I have been using a Stork Studio Master SP 2 with excellent results. This is definitely a far superior trumpet to the other model that I purchased some time ago. It is superior both in performance and in construction. Thanks. Ken Ross